Tokyu Stay are specializing executive class Serviced Apartments in Central Tokyo, please try them either on vacation or business trip.

Tokyu Stay Residence Upper rank serviced apartment

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  • Phone.+81-3-3476-1534 Open hour:9:30~18:00 (except Sat,Sun,National Holiday)


It is closely located to the neighbor "Aoyama"and "Omote Sando"..24 hour front serivice is available due to the combined hotel units and monthly residential units.Bilingual staff members and security guard back up your important gusets from overseas.It is easily accessible to Shibuya and Akasaka.

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It is located in the middle of "Yama no te circle line" district and easily accessible to Tokyo, Shinjuku and Roppongi. Business people and returninig home from abroad are delighted to accommodate.Spacious room that can have 3 people is recommended as family use.

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Feature & Services

We support your life style with hotel like services.

Based on the good location we are eager to provide you quality services that enable you to spend your time comfortably and peacefully.

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Advantage of using serviced apartment

Tokyu Stay Co., Ltd provides a unique serviced apartment that offers you good services especially front service is almost same quality as a hotel. Our main concern is how effectively we could assist the tenants with various services. You may feel as if you stayed at hotel, but we would rather you to feel living at home.

Big advantage of staying at serviced apartment is that you are free of troublesome on moving, because furniture and electric applianace are already set. You will be able to start a usual life on arrival, since all necessary commodities are provided, this is a big difference compared to an ordinary apartment.In addition our serviced apartment can offer services such as a hotel, this enables you to feel very ease at living. You are privileged to receive these services and we are pleased to make utmost effort to assist you continuously.

Comprison between serviced apartment and ordinary apartment

You can not rent an ordinary apartment by only paying rent, you are usually asked security deposit, key money,agent fee and advanced rent in the beginning, this costs you a lot.It may be too much to prepare the cost on moving in a timely manner. You may also have to provide furniture, fire insurance and other things by yourself.Renting an ordinary apartment finally requires you Let us take some example as your three month business trip, you are still required the initial cost, some apartment may ask you penalty. charge as premature termination.

On the other hand serviced apartment has already had furniture and electric appliance, you are free of arranging utilities as well. You can save time and cost both at making and terminating lease contract.Using serviced apartment gives you a finacial advantage. You may find something else compared to an ordinary apartment from your point of view.Please do not hesitate, but let us help and assist you.